Can I order pre-ground coffee beans?

We only ship whole-bean coffee. High-quality coffee tastes best when ground right before it’s brewed. Check out this review of our favorite home grinders. 


What’s the shelf life of coffee?

Once a sealed coffee bag is opened, it’s best to enjoy it within four weeks. However, you can extend the life of your coffee by limiting it’s exposure to air. A vacuum canister is a great way to keep your coffee fresher for longer. Here’s one we offer. 


Why are you called Bicycle Coffee?

We use bicycles with trailers to deliver bags of coffee to our local wholesale accounts. 

Will my coffee be delivered by bicycle?

Most likely not. We use a shipping service for most residential deliveries. We use bicycles to deliver to our local wholesale accounts. 


How does the subscription service work?

Check out our Subscription FAQs for more detailed information on this service.



Can I open a wholesale account?

Yes! Fill out our New Wholesale Inquiry form. 

Where are you located?

We have cafes and roasteries in Oakland, Los Angeles, and Tokyo. More information can be found on our Locations page. 


How can I find out about special offers and announcements?

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